Red River Cowboy Church began with a vision. Clyde Miley recognized the need for a Cowboy Church in the Red River Valley. He knew there wasn’t a need for another traditional church. The need was for a place where people, who did not feel comfortable in the traditional church, could gather and hear the life-changing truth that Jesus Christ cares for them and died for their sins.

In February 2008, that vision became a reality and Bro. Clyde became the first preacher for RRCC. There was a local cowboy, Don Cummins, who agreed to host the first service at his home, under his carport. RRCC quickly out grew that carport and moved to a tent erected on land purchased from Mr. & Ms. Carrol LeGrande. That tent couldn’t hold the people God brought and the building where the people, now, meet was constructed.

RRCC organized as a church under the leadership of American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches. This organization evolved from a need for devotionals at team roping events. Soon, God provided an amazing arena to expand our ministry outside the church building. The arena holds events, of some kind, almost every weekend and several days during the week. It is also the extension of the church for family and student activities. The primary goal of the RRCC Arena is to win souls for Jesus!

When Bro. Clyde talks about those early days, he talks about the core group of men who stood by him, supported him, and stood firm in the beliefs of RRCC. Everything God desired for Red River Cowboy Church has been financially supported through the heart of the people. He talks about the conversations he has had with cowboys and cowgirls as the RRCC ministry has grown. The common theme being how thankful they are to have a place they feel comfortable worshiping God.

In 2018, Bro. Clyde retired as preacher at Red River Cowboy Church due to health reasons. Many changes followed his retirement but RRCC continues to be a presence in the community. Many people have passed through the doors of RRCC and we hope their lives have been blessed by their time with us. As Bro. Clyde taught, RRCC is a watering hole for the thirsty souls needing Christ as they travel this time on Earth. Several teams of volunteers, now, serve to carry out the Red River Cowboy Church mission.

Red River Cowboy Church is grateful that God gave Bro. Clyde the vision of a Cowboy Church. We will always appreciate the love and hard work that he and Ms. Patsie gave in those early days of ministry. RRCC is, now, a staple in the community and flourishes as an outreach for Jesus. Everything we do is intended to bring honor and glory to God and to increase His Kingdom. This is the way it will always be.